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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work with both static and dynamic data sets from Social, Political and Economic backgrounds.

  • Knowledge about questionnaire designing and its execution in different platforms like SurveyCTO, Survey Money, Google Forms, etc.

  • Prepare reports based on different datasets as per the specification of the clients.

  • Use different statistical techniques to derive critical results.

  • Should be technically sound to integrate different datasets to derive holistic picture of a given problem.

  • Must have knowledge about Indian political system and elections.

  • Must be a team player, and always deliver work in a time bound manner with highest accuracy.

Skills and Experience Desired

  • Ph.D/ M.Phil in Economics/Statistics.

  • At least 3 years' experience in research with a reputed institute or business organisation.

  • Published work related to your work/research is desirable.

  • Commanding knowledge of either STATA or SPSS (preferably STATA).

  • Proficient with Advanced MS-Excel and MS-Word.

  • Knowledge about different statistical techniques like Logit, Probit, Regression, etc.

Location : Gurugram

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